Our fields of expertise

Tax Reporting & Compliance

Efficient management of tax reporting obligations can be a complex and daunting endeavor for high-net-worth individuals, families and companies, especially if multiple jurisdictions are involved. Staying on top of the latest regulatory developments and access to the knowledge required to apply them is paramount. Financial institutions who are required to provide information across jurisdictions, are faced with a similar challenge on an institutional level. Having a trusted advisor at hand can make a big difference.

Our team of trusted and experienced tax specialists keeps you informed, provides specialized assistance and helps you navigate through the complexities of ever evolving tax laws and regulations in order to meet your tax reporting obligations.


Tax litigation & dispute resolution

Tax reporting and compliance requirements, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved can lead to undesired tax disputes with tax authorities. Whether such a dispute concerns tax residency; tax filings; disputes concerning tax disclosure requirements; or a tax audit, our team of tax lawyers can provide assistance through hands-on advice, review of your tax affairs, negotiations with tax authorities, where applicable, litigation, mitigation of potential adverse tax consequences and satisfactory resolution of the matter. Our goal is efficient dispute resolution, while ensuring maximum protection of your assets and interests.

Tax advice

Tax considerations can have an impact on a person’s life choices, such as decisions involving one’s place of residency and wealth management. The diversity of your investment portfolio may bring additional considerations when it comes to the management of your tax obligations. In order to meet these obligations, on an individual as well as a corporate level, our team of tax specialists provides tailored tax advice and more special attention for optimized (international) wealth management.


Fiduciary Services, Trust & Succession planning

Long-term asset protection is of utmost importance in an increasingly complex international fiscal legal framework. For high-net-worth individuals and families asset protection comprises efficient use of instruments to secure sustainable, long-term asset protection, e.g. the use of trusts, foundations, insurance solutions and succession planning to ensure safe and peaceful transfer of one’s assets to the next generation.

Our trusted team of advisors provides fiduciary, trust & succession planning services. We will guide you through the decision-making process as you consider trust and fiduciary options and obligations, with an eye to facilitating efficient trust and foundation structuring and usage in line with one’s tax reporting and accounting obligations, across multiple jurisdictions.

Family businesses, corporate structuring & planning

When it comes to wealth management and planning within the context of a family business, special considerations are required in the realm of our clients’ personal, legal, business as well as family-related interests. Many of our clients are family business owners and/or stakeholders within a corporate entity. The interrelatedness of the interests involved requires special and timely assistance, in order to ensure the sustainability of the business and the stability in family relations. Succession planning is paramount in these instances as the unexpected passing of an owner can cause tension and conflicts within the family as well as the business in the absence of a succession plan. Establishing a succession plan on time, and defining the stakeholders’ right and obligations, as well as their needs and desires with an eye to the continuity of the business, is therefore essential.

Our team works closely with our clients to understand their and their families’ needs and desires, in their personal capacity as well as in their capacity as stakeholder.  We work together towards optimized structures that protect all personal as well as the corporate interests involved.

Real estate structuring

When it comes to wealth management and tax planning strategies, real estate is an important asset class to consider, as it can impact current and future tax liabilities. As tax, wealth, inheritance and estate tax regimes differ per country, where one purchases or holds real estate is also an important matter to be considered. Next to the jurisdictional aspects, the volatility of real estate prices in a particular country may impact tax liability, either negatively or positively. Keeping these factors in mind is essential when it comes to investment diversification or residency considerations.

We provide tailored assistance in order to ensure management of your real estate portfolio, in line with your short-term and long-term goals.

We believe that any advice as good is as its implementation. With the growth of our client portfolio, the implementation and management of our structures has emerged as a separate entity called Fernando Tax Management B.V. The professionals of Fernando Tax Management are dedicated to the implementation and management of the structures in close communication with our clients, government and other stakeholders.